Monday, June 11, 2012

Bruins sign Chris Kelly 4yrs, 12 million, Somewhere Tyler Ennis is smiling big.

A few minutes ago TSN's Bob Mckenzie announced the re-signing of Chris Kelley in Boston.

BOS agrees to terms with Chris Kelly on four-year, $12M deal and Gregory Campbell on three-year, $4.8M deal. AAVs of $3M and $1.6M.
It takes no rocket scientist to figure out that Tyler Ennis (Pending RFA on July 1st) is going to make some money this off-season.

Kelly, who is going to average 3 million per year only had 39 points in 82 games played. Ennis, who only played 48 games this year, ended up with 34 points.

Kelly averaged less ice time, and would have had less points if Ennis played an entire season. So i guess its a given that Tyler Ennis should be asking for 3.5 to 4 million per season, right?

With the CBA coming to an end, players want their payday, so does that mean Ennis might reach the 4 million mark?

All i know is the Sabres have to bring back Ennis.

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