Monday, June 11, 2012

Hockey Heaven? Maybe we should take a step back.

I like how the Pegula era in Buffalo started of by saying "This is Hockey Heaven," "The only reason for existence is to win Stanley Cups."

I understand that last off-season was exciting for us all, who wouldn't be happy about getting two solid defensemen in Robyn Regher and Christian Ehrhoff.? As fans in Buffalo we tend to stray away from the big picture, we always look for the easy way out. Thats why when the Sabres lost 12 road games in a row most of us blamed Lindy Ruff. Where we wrong to do so? No. Where we right to place blame on him.? Sure, at the time it seemed like the easiest thing to do.

I guess what i am trying to say is, we all need to take a step back and look at how the future of the franchise is looking.

Its great that Terry Pegula invested a ton of money into the roster and the locker room. It is also great that he purchased Rochester Americans. I mean there really is not one thing he has done wrong. Well, maybe there is one, he has let our GM Darcy Regier keep the core together
I would love to call Buffalo Hockey Heaven. But, in Heaven it should be nice and peaceful right.? So watching Derek Roy, Drew Stafford and Thomas Vanek should make us relaxed and enjoying all aspects of hockey.

Thomas Vanek, the guy who is the highest paid Austrian athlete played most of the season hurt, he will not tell the Media about it, but he will write in his blog about the 10 things that are wrong with him.
First things first: I have to decline the invitation to join Team Austria for the Division I championship. There are too many little injuries that hamper me. My chest’s been hurting since January, I have an ankle-sprain and the shoulder’s also not completely a hundred percent. I’m just glad that I don’t need any surgery, but I do need a few weeks away from the ice to let all those little nagging injuries heal themselves. I had some good talks with head coach Manny Viveiros and he understands me. He’s been a player for a long time himself. I really have to say that the communication with Manny was the best I’ve ever had with a head coach from Team Austria. In the end it would be the same as a few years ago at the championships in Switzerland. I came to help the team, but my jaw fracture hindered me too much. Coming this year I would only take away a roster spot from a healthy player who could help the team much more than I could.
Ohh but that's not all, he even thanks the secondary scoring for coming alive for one game.
That was a cool game against Boston. Finally, we’re on the right way again, the pieces of the puzzle start to fit. We now have the so important secondary scoring, Ryan just can’t be beaten in goal and we also stand up physically to our opponents. This season is not over by a long stretch. We still believe in our playoff-chance. We did it last year, so why shouldn’t we this year? There’s a row of home-games now and we’ve been playing really strong at home since December. Also, we got back our road-game, so all in all things are looking god for the next weeks.
Derek Roy is a hot topic right now as he is still be shopped around by MR. Darcy. The asking price at last years deadline was a Younger forward with top 6 potential, and prospect or pick. I hate to say it, but Roy's value is fading quickly. Please dont think he will be traded for Penguins Jordan Staal or for Rick Nash in Columbus, because it is not going to happen.

I guess, i am not ready to call Buffalo ' Hockey Heaven ' just yet. But i am ready for a big change and from this blog i am hoping you can see what i am trying to point out.

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